Hastelloy Forged Fittings

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Hastelloy Forged Fittings are designed from iron-nickel-chromium alloy combined with molybdenum and molybdenum and copper content. These fittings exhibit excellent resistance to corrosion in a broad range of severe atmosphere. The low carbon content decreases the carbide precipitation during welding. With the high molybdenum and chromium content, the fittings enable to withstand in both oxidizing as well as non-oxidizing acids. These fitting possess excellent resistance to the crevice and pitting corrosion in reducing environments.

  • Hastelloy Forged Fittings

    Hastelloy Forged Fittings

  • Hastelloy Forged Pipe Fittings

    Hastelloy Forged Pipe Fittings

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In the welded heat affected regions the fittings are highly resistant to the formation of the grain boundary. In welding circumstances, the fittings are highly resistant to chloride stress corrosion cracking and intergranular corrosion. Thus the fittings feature good ductility, strength, and versatility at elevated temperatures. Even more, these are easily formed and welded through the practice of standard fabrication methods.

Different Grades of Hastelloy Alloy Socket weld Fittings
Hastelloy C22 2.4602 N06022 NW 6022 - NiCr21Mo14W -
Hastelloy C276 2.4819 N10276 NW 0276 ХН65МВУ NiMo16Cr15W ЭП760
Hastelloy B2 2.4617 N10665 - - - -
Hastelloy B3 2.4600 N10675 - - - -
Hastelloy X 2.4665 N06002 - - - -

With the support of the state of art machinery and latest technology and qualified professionals the admired firm offers a global standard product to their customers. In order to manufacture the product, they use the best quality raw material sourced from the reputed vendors. On the other hand to achieve quality assurance product the entire raw material is thoroughly tested and inspected under the consideration of quality checkers. The entire production procedure is implemented as per the set industrial norms and standards set by the industry.

To achieve quality and defect free product strict quality inspection and testing procedure are performed under the guidance of professional experts. Such test is like a hardness test, PMI test, intergranular corrosion test, chemical analysis, pitting resistance test and mechanical test.

ASTM B564 Hastelloy Alloy Forged Fittings Specification :

Specifications : ASTM B564 / ASME SB564

Standard : ANSI / ASME B16.11, MSS-SP-79, MSS-SP-83, MSS-SP-95, MSS-SP-97, BS3799

Size : 1/8" NB to 4" NB

Type : Socketweld Fittings, Screwed-Threaded Fittings (NPT or PT Type)

Rating Pressure: Threaded End - 2000 /3000/ 6000 LBS. Socket-weld End - 3000 / 6000/ 9000 LBS.

Types Of ASME SB564 Hastelloy Forged Fittings
  • Hastelloy Elbow

    Hastelloy Elbow

    Hastelloy Forged Elbow
    Hastelloy Street Elbow
    Hastelloy Alloy 90 Deg Elbow
    Hastelloy Alloy 45 Deg Elbow
    Hastelloy Threaded Elbow

  • Hastelloy Tee

    Hastelloy Alloy Tee

    Hastelloy Equal Tee
    Hastelloy Reducing Tee
    Hastelloy Unequal Tee
    Hastelloy Straight Tee
    Hastelloy Tee

  • Hastelloy Coupling

    Hastelloy Coupling

    Hastelloy Socket-Weld Coupling
    Hastelloy Half Coupling
    ASTM B564 Hastelloy Full Coupling
    ASME SB564 Hastelloy Reducing Coupling

  • Hastelloy Plug

    Hastelloy Plug

    ANSI B16.11 Hastelloy Plug
    Hastelloy Hex Plug
    Hastelloy Square Plug
    Hastelloy Threaded Plug

  • Hastelloy Cap

    Hastelloy Cap

    Hastelloy Pipe Cap
    Hastelloy Forged Cap
    Hastelloy Forged Pipe Cap
    Hastelloy Socket Weld Cap

  • Hastelloy Cross

    Hastelloy Cross

    Hastelloy Equal Cross
    Hastelloy Unequal Cross
    Hastelloy Reducing Cross
    Hastelloy Cross

  • Hastelloy Bushing

    Hastelloy Alloy Bushing

    Hastelloy Forged Bushing
    Hastelloy Threaded Bushing
    Hastelloy Socketweld Bushing
    Hastelloy Bushing

  • Hastelloy Hex Nipples

    Hastelloy Pipe Nipples

    Hastelloy Barrel Nipple
    Hastelloy Reducing Nipple
    Hastelloy Swedge Nipple
    Hastelloy Nipple

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